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Remember what we said in the About us section, that thing about our camera lens being everywhere? It’s not necessarily that we think of ourselves as wedding paparazzi, but it’s actually more of a logistical advantage: there are two of us. When one of us is with the bride and her friends screaming their heads off at the sight of her wedding gown, the other is with the groom and his friends. When one’s filming the vows up in the altar, the other is catching some unexpected tears throughout the audience. When one of us is boogieing on down to catch the best of the dance floor moves, the other is capturing those warm yet nearly imperceptible smiles from those who know they’ve gained a second family that night.

Once that treasure trove is in our hands, it’s time to get carried away by the music. We must confess there’s a bit of madness to our method, because we edit every single wedding video around the right music for it. It’s a bit like matching a film to its perfect score deal with it, Hans Zimmer! You have no idea how big our Spotify song collection has gotten! We’re talking about hundreds and hundreds of little discoveries that we keep under wraps, waiting for the right couple to claim them. And that’s why no two El Salto Films video memories are alike: we are firm believers that every wedding has to marry its own soundtrack. This delicate and dedicated process, in turn, produces some truly personalized video stories.

How far in advance should we contact you?

We’d love it if you could knock on our doors some 14 months before your wedding, but it’s absolutely fine if it’s some two months before. We’re scheduling wizards and we promise we’ll try to make room for you in case of an emergency, as long as we can assure you we can provide the level of quality you expect. Just hit us up for coffee or a few drinks, and we’ll take it from there.

¿Con cuánto tiempo de antelación deberías contactar con nosotras?
You’re based in Madrid, so… do you only work in the city and its surroundings, or are you willing to shoot in other parts of Spain or even overseas?

We go were the wind (or the will of the marrying couple) may take us. That is to say: we’re available to shoot all over Spain or even for destination weddings worldwide. Just keep in mind that any event outside Madrid and its environs will require covering additional expenses.

Como estáis en Madrid, ¿solo trabajáis vídeos de boda en la ciudad y alrededores, o también en otras partes de España o hasta internacionalmente?
Do you happen to have a price list?

We sure do! You can send us an e-mail at hola@elsaltofilms.com to receive our full list of services.

¿Teneis un listado de tarifas?
How would we be receiving our videos?

You’d receive them in a USB drive inside a neat little personalized wooden box.

¿Cómo recibiríamos nuestros vídeos?
What if we’d like you to shoot a special video, like a surprise marriage proposal or a gown fitting session or just a couple’s shoot that has nothing to do with the wedding itself?

Aunque no están en nuestro listado oficial, sí que ofrecemos algunos platos fuera del menú. De hecho, ya nos lo han pedido antes y hemos disfrutado muchísimo haciéndolos.

¿Y si os pedimos realizar un vídeo especial, una pedida de mano sorpresa, la prueba de vestido o una sesión de pareja que nada tiene que ver con la boda?
We’re not from Spain. Do you also provide your services in English?

We sure do! Just take the leap over to our English-language site. Moreover, we love meeting people from different cultures. We would like either visit your country or welcome you to Spain.

We’re not from Spain. Do you also provide your services in English?
Do you offer photo services?

No, we only make videos. If you need a photographer, we could recommend you a professional with whom we are a great team.

¿Haceis fotos de boda?
So, erm… Who’s Gina and Who’s Sara?

OK, here it goes: first, close your eyes. Then, listen carefully. You’ll notice that one of us speaks with a bit more speed, a bit more mirth, a bit more fire in every word. Well, that’s the Granada accent, from the south of Spain and that would be Gina, our bonafide Andalusian. Spaniards from down south are known for their instantly recognizable way of speaking and a wicked sense of humor.

Perdon pero ¿Cual es Sara y cual Gina?

Our goal is to surprise you with our videos… but as it is often the case, you end up surprising us a whole lot more. For example, by sending us messages such as this one.

Dear Gina and Sara, Jose and I would like to thank you once more for the work you’ve done with the trailer and with our wedding video. We did mention it the other day when you came to visit us at home, but back then we had only seen the trailer. We also loved the long video. The two of you are great professionals; you both work with such great skill and mastery, so much style and, I’d venture to say, loads of affection. What a lovely thing you’ve done; such originality and such professionalism. The way you’ve put together these images and how you were able to showcase the emotions we felt that day in such a different way, with a painstakingly assembled summary of the preparations and the ceremony, all the while catching every key moment and even some wonderful details. I loved the parallel editing you did in the video, the part where I’m getting dressed and my daughter is doing the same thing —although we’re physically separated, it looks like we’re acting simultaneously. You already know that this was a very exciting thing for us, and thanks to you we’ll have these wonderful memories forever. We’d also like to thank you for including the extras. Everything is dearly important to us, particularly when it comes to our two little darlings.  A warm hug, and hope we see each other soon.

Ana and Jose

¡SARA! ¡GINA! ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡THANKS A MILLION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m even blushing because we can’t find the words to express it. 10!!!!!! We are delighted. The video wraps everything up, there’s no missing moments, it’s moving, it makes us laugh and enjoy evenly. We’ve seen it about 10 times and I just can’t get enough of it… Not to mention the work behind it? My god, the editing. You can barely appreciate the light changing between locations, songs are well-chosen, and everything vibes with the flow. Truly, you are one of the best choices we made for our wedding. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Gemma and Fabio

Happy for the choice is not enough. You are professional, close… Like hanging out with friends on that day, keeping an eye at all times without us noticing… ¡A 10! I’d always choose you and I’ll always do, thank you.

Belén and Juanan

With no doubt, the best decision was to hire both the wedding video and the pre-wedding with them. We wanted a slightly different pre-wedding video to play at the banquet. They knew exactly how to capture what we wanted from the beginning. Even though we don’t know acting, they made it really easy for us, it turned out into a spectacular video. Finally, they gave us the wedding videos (trailer, video and extras) in a pendrive. It came in a beautiful box with our name and the date. I told them I wanted the video to be chronological, moving while the ceremony, and I wanted it to end with the party. It ended up in being something astonishing, I can’t stop watching both the trailer and the video; It is unbelievable how a four-minute video can keep you on the hook; But it is even more stunning how can they capture, in only 24 minutes, all the important details in a wedding and make you live every moment again. Congratulations Sara and Gina for such a lit editing and so close treatment. ¡Thank you for everything!

Virginia and Tomás

We hired Salto Films for our wedding video and it couldn’t have been better. During the wedding day, we didn’t even notice that they were filming us, everything went smooth and natural. Now we have the result, it is wonderful. A super moving video, full of special moments. It was a success counting on you, girls! The video is lovely! THANK YOU!

Lorena and Tino
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